Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arctic Exploration

This wonderful set of stamps in booklet was issued by the Sweden's postal service in 1989 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of arctic exploration. What a nice set! Thanks to Daphne of Singapore for the swap.


This time we take a look at EUROPA CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) stamps. First issued in 1956, EUROPA CEPT stamps have been issued annually by most of the European countries under a predetermined common theme. For example, the common theme for year 2009 is 'Astronomy' while the common theme for this year is 'Children Books'. Here are two sets of EUROPA CEPT 2009 stamps I received as part of round robin and private swap:

The miniature sheet from France

The stamps set from Finland

Monday, May 31, 2010

La Poste

La Poste is the postal service for France, and it is known for issuing beautiful and innovative stamps.

1) Voyage of the letter
This cute stamps set depict how a letter travel from the sender to the receiver. From writing the letter, putting the letter into the letter box, the letter traveling to the designed country, the postman delivering the letter, the joyous face of the receiver when receiving the letter, and lastly, the pleasure of reading the long letter, these six stamps was issued way back in 1997. Thanks to Hai Huang from China for the swap.

2) Puppet dolls
Issued in 2009, this cute miniature sheet features some well known puppet dolls, including Bella.

3) Chocolate
France may be better known for its status as the Romantic Country and croissant, but it is certainly ahead in terms of stamps innovation.

"La Poste, the French Post Office, issued a limited edition set of postage stamps on May 25, 2009. These stamps were issued to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of cocoa beans at the City of Bayonne in France in 1609. These stamps show scenes that depict France’s fascinating manufacturing history of chocolate.

Besides the fact that the design of the stamps are superb; they have an added delightful feature. The stamps sport the wonderful aroma of dark French chocolate! It is reported that the scent is expected to last for 2 years. These postage stamps look so much like the real thing that you will certainly be tempted to take a bite! These stamps have been such hot sellers in France that some post offices have experienced lines running outside of post offices with people scrambling to get their hands on these treats. La Poste even built a temporary post office to launch these postage stamps. There are ten stamps in the set with different noteworthy scenes shown." -

Thanks a lot to Christine for the generous tag.

China literature and ancient academies

Here are two wonderful sets from China as part of the swap with Yunyun:
1) Ancient academies
It portrays four famous academies in ancient China. There are details on their constructions, periods, and famous patrons.

2) Poems of Tang Dynasty
This miniature sheet shows some of the poems written during the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty is well known as the golden period of Chinese literature as there are many great poets born during that period. Their contributions to Chinese literature are immense; their works continue to leave current generations in awe.


My first update in months come in the form of a fantastic miniature sheet from Finland. This fairies miniature sheet is issued this year. Thanks to Matteo of Italy for the swap.
Thanks to Matteo of Italy for the swap.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


About a week ago, I have received a postcard of Bolivia from my pen friend, Amanda.
They are also my first postcard and stamps from Bolivia. Thank you very much.


Malaysia and Israel do not establish any diplomatic relationship, but still it does not stop postcards from traveling between the two countries.

A great multiviews card and stamps from Israel. They are my first.